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Welcome to C.A.L.L.E de AZ - Culture, Arts, Leadership, and Education!

At C.A.L.L.E de AZ, Inc., we are a 501(c)(3) organization deeply committed to honoring and preserving the rich traditions of Mexican culture. Our mission goes beyond merely organizing Mariachi and Folklorico events; it’s about nurturing leadership skills among our youth and emphasizing the value of education. Through captivating artistic expressions, we create a profound appreciation for Mexico’s heritage and promote cultural pride. We bring communities together through joyful celebrations, forging connections, and enriching lives through shared experiences. As a cultural cornerstone, we instill a sense of belonging and unity, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the Phoenix Valley community.
C.A.L.L.E. De Az, formerly known as C3HR (Chandler Coalition for Civil and Human Rights), traces its roots back to 1997 when it was founded by two remarkable community leaders, the late Joe Garcia and the late Eddie Encinas, whose legacies continue to inspire us today.
Notable achievements include empowering local youth through educational initiatives and hosting vibrant workshops in both Mariachi and Folklorico Dance. Our signature event, the enduring Mariachi and Folklorico Festival, annually unites over 1,500 attendees, igniting a collective celebration of Hispanic Heritage within the city of Chandler. This cultural extravaganza also plays a vital role in supporting the local economy by driving patrons to businesses surrounding the Chandler Center for the Arts.
In 2016, we proudly received the prestigious “Best of Phoenix” award from Phoenix New Times, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our esteemed Executive Director has received numerous awards and recognition for her invaluable contributions to the local arts community.
In 2021, our Executive Director, Vanessa Ramirez, was honored as one of the esteemed “Women of Chandler for her profound impact through C.A.L.L.E. de ARIZONA. Additionally, the Arizona Dance Coalition recognized us with the inaugural “Creating Connections” award.
On April 29, 2021, International Dance Day, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego proclaimed it Vanessa Ramirez Day, acknowledging the transformative influence of our event on the community. These achievements underscore our unwavering dedication to fostering cultural enrichment and strengthening community bonds, motivating us to further elevate our commitment as C.A.L.L.E. d

In loving memory of Jose Angel Garcia and Eddie Encinas.

On February 28, 2013, our beloved Jose Angel Garcia entered eternal rest in Chandler. He was born in Duncan, Arizona, and proudly served his country as a Lieutenant in the United States Army. His commitment to service extended into his civilian life, where he dedicated himself to making a positive impact on his community.
Jose’s career path led him to become a Lieutenant with the Mesa Police Department, where he served with distinction. In his well-deserved retirement, he assumed the role of Chief of Security at Chandler- Gilbert Community College.
Beyond his professional accomplishments, Jose was a passionate human rights activist. He believed fervently in empowering our youth and setting high standards for our Hispanic community. His advocacy and dedication to these causes left an enduring mark on all who knew him.
Jose Angel Garcia’s legacy lives on through the lives he touched and the positive change he inspired. He will always be remembered for his unwavering commitment to service, his advocacy for human rights, and his passion for empowering the next generation.

Jose Edwardo Encinas

(1932-2023) affectionately known as Eddie, journeyed through life with a deep commitment to his family and his community. He was born in his beloved Chandler, Arizona, to Manuel and Cecilia Encinas. Eddie’s life was marked by service, dedication, and a passion for making a difference. After graduating from Chandler High School in 1954, Eddie embarked on a remarkable journey of service to his country. He joined the Air Force as a Chaplains Assistant, which allowed him to travel the world. Despite exploring distant lands, his heart always drew him back to his cherished hometown of Chandler. Eddie’s dedication to his community extended beyond his military service. He played an active role as a City Council member for the Chandler Housing & Human Rights Services & Commissions.
He also served as a founding board member for the Chandler Coalition for Civil & Human Rights. His unwavering commitment to these roles demonstrated his deep-seated belief in justice, equality, and the well-being of all members of his community. Eddie’s passion for community service was recognized and celebrated by the Mayor of Chandler, who declared March 6th, Eddie’s 80th birthday, as “Eddie Encinas Day” in honor of his exceptional dedication and commitment to the betterment of his community. Above all, Eddie was a man of profound compassion, a pillar of strength for his family, and a beacon of hope for those in need. His legacy is one of service, love, and unwavering support for his community.
As we remember Jose Garcia and Eddie Encinas, we celebrate lives well-lived, marked by service, dedication, and an enduring commitment to the betterment of others. Their memory will continue to inspire us all.

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